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Last update: February 18th 2021

Thank you for your interest and visit to the access-protected web page of the DB Career Network, the social network for talents, executives and employees of the DB Group. The protection of your privacy when participating in our network is important to us. In the following, we will inform you about how your personal data is processed when you visit this website and participate in the DB Career Network. 

1. Processing of personal data

1.1 Target group and purpose of processing

The website are exclusively for members of the network (talents, interested executives and employees of the DB Group), for whom a closed member area has been set up. The visit of the network is only possible via BKU-access or your individual username (or email) in combination with a password you have chosen yourself.  

The purpose of data processing is to ensure Group-wide transparency regarding talents, career-oriented executives as well as employees and their retention. Also, to enable communication and networking among talents, executives and employees as well as with HR and to place qualified individuals and managers in vacancies within the DB Group. Further, career-interested managers and employees shall be assessed on their suitability within the framework of their voluntary participation in Group-wide succession planning by HR managers, personnel decision-makers and career managers.  

1.2 Data Receiver

HR managers (talent- and career manager as well as HR business partners) of the DB Group have access to the network, including the profiles of talents, executives and employees. In addition, talents, executives and employees can see each other’s profiles in the DB Career Network and have the opportunity to network among each other.

The service provider used for the operation of the website has been strictly bound by contract in the sense of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), acts as an order data processor and does not belong to "third parties". A transmission of your data into states outside Germany or the EU does not take place.  

1.3 Scope of Data

Information about each member is derived from the data you provided during the registration for the network, further data you chose to share about yourself in your profile as well as your employee ID. You decide if and which other data you want to share in your profile. Also note your privacy settings. Access to the complete profile data of all users is restricted to employees of the Talent-/ Career Management Department and International Assignments (HDD).  

Participation is only allowed if the terms of use are followed.  

When using this site, user’s IP addresses are stored as personal data to ensure the functionality and security of the website. The data is stored within the Federal Republic of Germany for a short period of time, then deleted and not made available to third parties.

Every user is encouraged to keep his/her profile up-to-date, especially contact data. The data will not be passed on to third parties. 

Personal data shared by you in the context of communication/ content creation in the network is also processed, especially if you exchange news with other participants or employees within the HR department, e.g. about upcoming events, or participate in the network in terms of content (e.g. by writing/sharing articles). Personal messages between you and other participants cannot be viewed by uninvolved participants, talent managers, career managers, executive advisors, HR business partners and employees of HDD.  

As a user you have the possibility to comment on content such as articles, videos, surveys or events or mark them with "Like". These comments only refer to the content and do not contain any evaluation of persons or work results. Please note that the comments and "Likes" are displayed with your name and can be read by other users who have access to this content. All information is voluntary and can be deleted at any time. You will not experience any disadvantages if you do not participate by sharing content or taking part in discussions. 

1.4 Legal basis, affected rights and duration of storage

Data processing is carried out on the basis of the user's consent to cross-company personnel development. In the case of system companies, consent can be given via the DB Personnel Portal or the responsible personnel management. In the case of non-system companies consent it given upon initial login to the DB Career Network. Your decision to take part in the DB Career Network is voluntary.  

The consent can be revoked at any time. A revocation will result in the deactivation and subsequent deletion of the account and personal data. Of course, the user can also terminate the membership in the DB Career Network at any time without active revocation by self-deactivation (Personal account > Deactivate account) or by sending an informal e-mail to In case of self-deactivation, the account and personal data will be irrevocably deleted also. If you wish to have your profile data released, please let us know prior to self-deactivation. Leaving the DB Career Network will not result in any disadvantages for you, you will simply no longer be a member of the network.

You have the right to file a complaint at a data protection supervisory authority. The federal data protection supervisory authority responsible for your complaints is:  

Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
Friedrichstr. 219  
10969 Berlin

2 Cookies

We use cookies that are active from the start of your visit to our website until the end of the respective browser session. These cookies are automatically invalidated and deleted when you close your internet browser. They are also referred to as "session cookies". Cookies are small files that can be saved from a web page on your computer. They do not pose any threat to your computer. The file is placed on your device when you use the device to visit a website. A personal reference is not established here. 

3 Data security

It is important to us to protect our and your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and deletion, in accordance with the current statutory provisions on data protection and state of the art technique (e.g., virus scanners, firewalls). The transmission of your data to the internet server used for the DB Career Network is done with the security standard of the SSL method with appropriate encryption. 

4 Contact

The website is a service of Deutsche Bahn AG, organization unit HDD, Potsdamer Platz 2, 10785 Berlin.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the data protection on this website, please contact or the Data Protection Officer of Deutsche Bahn AG:

Ms Chris Newiger
Deutsche Bahn AG
Potsdamer Platz 2
10785 Berlin